One year anniversary

One year ago, on 24 May 2023, we held the first Dursley Green Drinks gathering at Kingshill House. We started it simply to find other local people interested in sustainability and conservation. If six people showed up, we’d count that a success.

The omens were good: warm evening sun, light until almost 9pm and the most amazing private bar and gardens at Kingshill House. Around 25 people attended and the buzz and chatter continued until well after 10pm.

The Dursley Green community had formed with a bang, and we’ve been holding a monthly event ever since. The format is simple: a Wednesday evening in the middle of the month from 7.30-9pm. Grab a drink and join a small group for some conversation.

At 8pm, we bring the room together for a few minutes to highlight any news or events coming up. Then anyone who has something they wish to say has the floor for a few minutes. Perhaps to announce a project they are doing, or to request information, or to find some local expertise. Then everyone falls back into conversations until we depart.

The Dursley community overflows expertise, talent and passion. Green Drinks has created connections between people on conservation, wildlife, renewable energy, horticulture, litter picking, heat pumps and many more sustainable approaches to living.

If your interest is piqued, then please join us for the one year anniversary on

Wed 15 May, 7.30-9pm, Kingshill House


  1. Yes well done both you’ve got a great network of the ground. We’ve had a couple of chats about a summer dursley green meeting at Wild Acres. Be good to sound out a couple of dates ?

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